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Healthy and delicious food for everyone – Food Revolution Day 2015

May 15, 2015 is Food Revolution Day! With this annual global initiative Jamie Oliver wants to make everyone aware of the importance of healthy and nutritious food. His wish is to educate every child in the world about healthy food in a fun and engaging way; to inspire families to cook (together) and to fight obesity.

I am a big supporter of this vision, even though I don’t have children. Sometimes I find it shocking to see or read that nowadays kids do not know where an onion or milk comes from! I am also convinced that if you transfer the love and knowledge of good food to children at a young age, they will benefit the rest of their lives!

Food Revolution Day was launched in 2011 with the intention to get together as many people as possible around the world to cook and talk about it. There are now more than 1,300 volunteers in over 120 countries, with lots of activities to emphasize the importance of healthy, fresh and home cooked food.

Throughout the year Food Revolution ambassadors all over the world fight for healthy eating, cooking together and food education but on May 15 we can all participate!

What can we do?

    • At least sign the global petition. This will be offered to leaders and governments of all G20 countries to make food education a compulsory part of every school curriculum. Little effort, big impact!
    • Cook something delicious for your colleagues, swap recipes with your Italian neighbour or take your kids to a beekeeper or vegetable garden
    • Cook something together with your family: the website of Food Revolution Day shows some delicious, healthy recipes that you can easily make together with your kids!

Food revolution day Jamie Oliver

You can imagine Food Revolution Day has become a pretty big event with lots of great (local) initiatives – too many to mention here. Want more information, join the revolution, or are you curious about what is organised in your neighbourhood? Then it’s worth to check the following websites:

    • Food Revolution Day – Official site includes a link to the petition, recipes, ambassadors, press pack – all you need to know! (In English)
    • Jamie Magazine – Dutch website of Jamie Oliver with tips for your own Food Revolution Day, local initiatives and blogs of the most active Dutch ambassadors

Please share your initiatives for this fun day on social media using #foodrevolutionday, so that even more people realise healthy, tasty food and eating together is pretty fun and important!

I believe even the small things can make a big difference, what about you? What are you doing on Food Revolution Day? I would love to hear from you, will leave a message below?

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