One of the delights of life is eating with friends, second to that is talking about eating. And, for an unsurpassed double whammy, there is talking about eating while you are eating with friends

Food is emotion, food connects. The best conversations often happen during a festive dinner. Food tells you something about a person. Food makes memories. And that’s what Miss Gingerish is all about: reminiscing and making memories, telling beautiful stories, connecting people, inspiring and sharing.

Nice to have you here and welcome to my website; the place where I will share my love for food. From easy and healthy mid-week recipes to Saturday evening 4 course meals set around our kitchen table. From super handy kitchen essentials to a culinary report of a weekend in Venice. From stories about food to inspirational concepts for culinary gatherings.


Who is Miss Gingerish?

My name is Annemieke (1981), ginger, reader, storyteller, lover of fashion accessories and dancing barefoot at an outdoor festival. I live in Amsterdam with my love Koen (from now on Mr G. ;-)). Although I was raised in a small village in the South of Holland, I really enjoy the city vibe, creative initiatives, international atmosphere and the sound of the typical Amsterdam-tram-bell.

When it comes to food I’m a big fan of pure and local; food with a story that’s produced or prepared with love and attention. I like healthy dishes, but have enough guilty pleasures too (caramel! typical Dutch “rookworst”! wine!). The weekends are often devoted to cooking an extensive dinner and enjoying it around the kitchen table with just me and Mr G., or with family and friends. For me these gatherings are about more than just the food: you wouldn’t serve a homemade burger on the same plate as a delicate risotto, right? I love setting the mood and enjoy styling the table with the right table cloth, matching props and background music.

Next to my love for food and cooking, I have a soft spot for inspiring retail concepts, vintage interior pieces and books of all kinds. I also get really excited about “brain facts” to do with shop floor psychology and eating. Did you know for example that yoghurt seems to taste sweater when you eat it with a smaller spoon? And that the clever routing in a supermarket makes you stay longer and buy more without noticing? Interesting!

Thanks you and enjoy your visit!


The recipes on this blog are made in our little kitchen in Amsterdam, photographed with my iPhone and then simply eaten. All recipes, photography and styling is done by myself unless otherwise mentioned. Do you want to use an image or recipe for your own blog or for another non-commercial purpose? Always ask permission by sending an email to and place a clear link to Click here to read the full disclaimer