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Disclaimer - Miss Gingerish

Valid from 28-03-2015

Nice to see you at www.missgingerish.com! Below I will describe what to take into account when visiting my website, and how data is handled. When visiting missgingeris.com you indicate you agree to this.


When leaving a reply or comment on missgingerish.com you have the option to leave behind your name, email and blog/website URL. The name is public for all visitors of the website; your email will not be published or sold to third parties. I appreciate all reactions on my blog but please note that any hateful, racist or sexist comments will be removed.

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Missgingerish.com is not liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of missgingerish.com or cook food according to recipes on this blog. Also, there can be no rights derived from missgingerish.com.

Missgingerish.com is compiled with the utmost care; there is paid much attention to the writing of the articles on this blog. Nevertheless, it is still possible that factual information is inaccurate, incomplete or out-dated. If you come across something you think is wrong, or have a question? Send an email to annemieke@missgingerish.com. Missgingerish.com will decide whether it is necessary to modify the article.