I’m a bit ashamed to admit: I have never made my own pasta… Isn’t that weird for someone like me who loves to cook, eats healthy stuff and makes her own spice mixes, vegetable stock and granola?

So, time for action! Besides making pasta there are numerous things on my wish list: because I ate it during a trip abroad, because I just know making it yourself is much better or just because it’s so easy it actually takes less time than a trip to the supermarket. And the best thing of a list is that you get to tick it off, right?

To keep it realistic, there are 10 things on my list for now. What do you think: will I make it to at least 70% percent in 2015?

    • Cook a Persian Dizi Abgoosht I thought this one would be a lot of work, and where should I buy all the ingredients? Well, it turned out this homemade dizi abgoosht was a lot easier to make than I expected, and almost as good as I remember from my trip to Iran!
    • Create and serve a serious tapas platter
    • Make my own pasta (does gnocchi count? Maybe just a little?
    • Bake Indian naan One down! Check the recipe here
    • Make Belgian potato croquettes (recipe from my mother in law) If I can make a trio of croquettes with shrimp, cheese and sausage I guess the potato version is doable as well 🙂
    • Cook a lobster bisque
    • Bake sausage bread rolls (for my Dutch readers: the one and only “Brabantse” of course) Not as easy as I thought it would be… Find the recipe here!
    • Create a scallop dish
    • Make a zabaglione for dessert
    • Prepare quail from scratch