You could say I’m a storyteller. When I’m not cooking, eating or writing for this blog, I’m a storyteller in the world of retail & marketing: my (visual) concepts should inspire and attract you and in the end motivate you towards an action, like making a purchase ;-).

For me the world of food is full of stories as well: about city trips to Venice where I had the best “cicchetti”. Reminisce my mother’s braised meat. A delicious recipe for Belgian chocolate mousse Mr G. thought me (from his mom). When I cook, I’m already thinking about the presentation; which plate shall I use for this particular meal? And when I organise a dinner it’s all about setting the right mood or telling the story: the styling of the table and the background music has to match the occasion.

Memoirs & meetings

Food is emotion, food connects. The best conversations often happen during a festive dinner. Food tells you something about a person. Food makes memories.

In “memoirs & meetings” you will get to know some of my loved ones a bit better. They will share their best, weirdest or most delicious food memories and give us their favourite recipe.

(Culinary) escapes

When travelling, I love to discover the local cuisine and hear about the stories behind local dishes and produce. Usually I already create a list of “must visit” restaurants before we even arrive and leave some space in my suitcase to take local food back home.

In “(culinary) escapes” I will share my travel stories: pretty pictures, the best stores and favourite restaurants.

To gather

If I had the space and money, my house would be full of dinnerware in all shapes, styles and colours, table cloths and decoration. For each dinner, whether it’s a romantic one on Saturday with Mr G., or a big BBQ party with friends, I would have matching dishes and the perfect table decoration.

Unfortunately I can only dream about that. Which doesn’t mean I can’t inspire you with great pictures, ideas for table setting or building a menu and matching background music. Gather together and enjoy a wonderful meal.