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Besides the love for food, I have a soft spot for beautiful things: vintage furniture, beautiful crockery, coffee table books … and postcards! It’s nice to receive a handwritten card, but I also regularly buy pretty ones that may shine on my wall and are not sent to anyone ;-).

The beautiful postcards of Studio Marije Pasman definitely belong to that last category: they are almost too pretty to write on and send! I met Marije during a food styling and –photography workshop, and we immediately had a click. When we meet each other for coffee we get the best creative ideas and both go home full of inspiration!

It was during one of those coffee dates that we got the idea for a collaboration: I was busy organizing a “farm to table” dinner and was looking for a fun giveaway for my guests. For the dinner theme I used natural styling materials and I cooked with local and pure ingredients; products with a story. Marije’s cards fit that theme perfectly! For dessert, an edible garden with Amsterdam honey, all the guests were also given a unique postcard, (hand) made with love in Amsterdam.

Marije is currently busy setting up her website but already sells at great festivals like Seinfestijn in Haarlem. You should definitely check her inspiring pinterest account! Besides the pretty letterpress postcards (with hand painted neon edge) Marije also makes concrete diamonds: a beautiful item for each interior.

An introduction to Studio Marije Pasman:

Studio Marije Pasman Amsterdam


I’m printed by hand. Maybe I’m not perfect, 

but I’m unique.

_Studio Marije Pasman
Graphic design with a big love for letterpress, Riso & screen print.

_let me introduce myself:
I am Marije Pasman, graphic designer and setting up my own design studio (Studio Marije Pasman). I love all todays’ digital possibilities. I do not want to miss Iphone, Internet, Instagram and pinterest. But I’m also a ‘creator’ and fell in love with the old traditional printing techniques. They are ‘slow’ techniques that ask a lot of attention, knowledge, discipline, patience, strength and passion. Nowadays it’s easy to use ‘apple P’ and to print anything everywhere. But presswork made with attention offers so much more! It’s not perfect but therefore it really has its individuality. You can feel and smell the materials and textures. The imperfection gives each piece its own identity, all unique items. And that’s what we all have been looking for right?


I’m busy setting up my website and blog, studiomarijepasman.com but meanwhile you can find me on instagram (marije pasman) and pinterest (marije pasman). See you soon!

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