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My kitchen library – cookbook challenge

I simply love cookbooks. The smell of a new book when you just bought it, taking the time to browse the beautiful pages, trying a recipe the very next weekend…

I have collected quite a few cookbooks in the past years, and together with my subscription to Delicious Magazine since 2009, the number of recipes I have at my disposal is huge.

But I have to admit: I usually find inspiration either in my fridge, on the Internet or my Paprika Recipe Manager app. Such a shame, so I’m going to pull those cookbooks off the shelves!

The challenge

The plan is to pick a different cookbook from the shelves at least once a month and cook a recipe from it. This could be any type of recipe: from breakfast to a snack or even a main dish. Of course I will share the recipes and a brief review of the cookbook here!

Some of the books I have (and haven’t cooked from) are:

    • “It’s all good” by Gwyneth Paltrow
    • “à la mère de famille” by Julian Merceron
    • “Leon: ingredients and recipes” by Allegra McEvedy
    • “Home cooking with Ferran Adrià” by El Bulli

Since I’m a huge fan of the UK based Leon restaurant chain (I would seriously start a petition to get them to come to Amsterdam ;-)), I will start with that cookbook in April. So stay tuned!

Want to join?

Do you recognize that pile of cookbooks you hardly ever use? Then join me in this challenge, let’s put our cookbooks to use!

How does it work? It’s really simple: pick a cookbook from your shelf and cook a recipe from it. Share a picture of the dish you’ve created on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hash tag #missgingerishchallenge and tag @missgingerish.

Of course don’t forget to mention the cookbook and name of the recipe: let’s spread the word and inspire others!

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