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Culy Food Festival

Organic markets; festivals focused on food; local food businesses brought together in one event: it’s hot and happening! Nothing to complain about for this foodie; besides the good food and cozy atmosphere to me such events are also pretty inspiring.

Enthusiastic entrepeneurs who passionately tell about their products, but also the organisation of such an event in itself. Because secretly that’s what I love to do for a living: design and produce the best (food) event concepts;-).

There’s a wide range of food related events and not every festival or market knows how to make a success of this hype. Pretty exciting for Culy.nl, an inspirational website with delicious recipes, beautiful food photography and kitchen tips & tricks. It’s a challenge to take a successful online platform offline, let alone among all those other food initiatives in Amsterdam.

I can be brief here: the Culy Food Festival was original, tasty, cozy and (rightly) sold out the very first time sold! Why Culy Food Festival may return every year:

  1. The location – easy accessible but also just a very cool industrial building
  2. The program – original! Not (only) caterers where you buy food but innovative concepts with a story, offering an experience
  3. The workshops & activities – from food styling and a tea-and-cheese tasting to Culy cinema: everything to make eating an experience
  4. The atmosphere – cozy! Good music, great food, fine drinks and happy people everywhere

culy food festival impression 2

Of course a first time can’t be 100% perfect; there are always areas for improvement for the next edition. Yet Culy, together with The Food Line-up, really managed to bring something refreshing!

I would love to tell you all about the fun “Forgotten Vegetables Bingo; the “smoking room”; supermarket 2.0 where Creative Chef Jasper prepared visitors a salad of their self-picked vegetables and herbs and the unique dining experience with Farm to Fork. But you know what? I think everyone should just experience this next year ;-).

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