Peach prosciutto feta salad recipe

Grilled wild peach, prosciutto and feta salad

Melon and ham: a true classic and so delicious when it’s hot. The combination of sweet, juicy melon with salty cured ham: divine if you ask me! Usually this is served as a starter, but it could also be a good salad right? And what about peach instead of melon?

The peaches are in season right now. More and more stores also sell the flat, wild peach, which I personally prefer above the normal version. Wild peach is juicy, firm and subtly sweet (sweeter than the ordinary peach), and the firm flesh is very suitable for warm preparations. You can poach them for a dessert for example, or grill them for this summer salad.

The base of this salad is the sweet wild peach, salty prosciutto and fresh feta: a golden trio. Goat cheese or mozzarella is also a good option, if you prefer one of these instead of feta.

We’re often not that hungry on a hot day; served with a fresh slice of bread this salad makes a quick, delicious and healthy full meal. Are there carnivores at your table that are not impressed with some salad? Then add some (smoked) chicken, snow peas or additional nuts.

Peach prosciutto feta salad recipe

Grilled wild peach, prosciutto and feta salad

Serves 2

    • 4 ripe wild (or 2 normal) peaches, stones removed and cut into wedges
    • 4 big handfuls salad to your choice
    • 4 slices prosciutto
    • Piece of feta, crumbled
    • Handful unsalted walnuts, toasted briefly
    • Handful sunflower and pumpkin seeds, toasted briefly
    • Few mint leaves
    • 25 ml balsamic vinegar
    • 75 ml good olive oil
    • Pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper
  1. Mix vinegar, oil, salt and pepper in a small bowl and add the peach wedges to marinate
  2. Heat a grill pan over high heat
  3. Drain the peach wedges and bake them in the grill pan (keep the “marinade”)
  4. Peaches don’t need long: turn the slices over so you get nice grill marks on both sides
  5. Meanwhile, toss the salad with the “marinade” and divide between 2 plates
  6. Divide the prosciutto slices over the salad and arrange the slices of grilled peach on top
  7. Crumble some feta over each salad and finish with lightly toasted walnuts, seeds and mint leaves. Sprinkle with some extra “marinade” to taste

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