chicken apricot almond salad recipe

Smoked chicken salad with dried apricots & almonds

Are you done with that simple cheese or jam sandwich for lunch every single day? Then continue reading: this super fast chicken salad is easy and very tasty!

The idea for this salad actually arose spontaneously after a morning yoga session. Before class, I often just eat a cracker and a cup of tea, but when I come back home I’m pretty hungry. Then it’s too late to make myself warm oatmeal porridge, but too early to already make a big lunch. Dilemma! 😉

So this morning I made myself a slice of rye bread, and my eyes fell on the Greek yogurt and smoked chicken that I had in the fridge. I hardly ever buy them but I’ve always been fond of salads on a sandwich. My mother used to work at the butcher; they really made the most delicious versions. And at home she often made egg salad with mayonnaise and nutmeg. And then there’s my chicken pesto period: during my college years I lived in Amsterdam with 2 girls; the amount of chicken pesto salad we ate in those years!!

Actually you don’t need that much to make your own salad: yogurt as a base, possibly some mustard or mayonnaise, and then seasonings. Easy peasy, that’s what I also thought this morning while making this delicious smoked chicken salad with apricots and almonds!

chicken apricot almond salad recipe

Smoked chicken salad with dried apricots and almonds

For approx. 5 sandwiches

    • 1 smoked chicken breast, diced
    • 250 ml Greek yogurt
    • 1 tsp. coarse mustard
    • 1 spring onion in half rings
    • 8-10 dried apricots into small pieces
    • A handful of almonds, toasted and coarsely chopped
    • Freshly ground pepper
    • Handful of lettuce
    • Bread to choice
  1. Mix the yogurt with mustard
  2. Stir in the sliced chicken, spring onions, apricots and almonds
  3. Season with freshly ground pepper
  4. Spread bread with some lettuce leaves
  5. Divide the chicken salad on the lettuce

It’s really that simple and quick! Also ideal to take to work: keep the salad in a sealed container, and top your sandwich at lunchtime. Much better than a soggy cheese sandwich that has been sitting in your bag all morning right? Bon appetit!

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